The true passion of Amity Twins is digging up Triumph motorcycles from the 60’s and 70’s that have been abused, neglected, or left to die, and giving them new life as beautiful and mechanically sound motorcycles. We also offer a growing inventory of parts and accessories to keep your classic Triumph running strong and looking good.

We believe a Triumph twin can be owned, maintained, and ridden on a working class budget. Many who ride a new-production Triumph or a vintage Japanese bike do so because they think they can’t afford or maintain a vintage Triumph on their own. Amity Twins is here to change that misconception and do our part to keep old Triumph twins running strong, with a special interest in the often overlooked, more affordable 1970’s models, which can be torquey, excellent handling, and make the best café racers and specials.

Check out our Ebay Store for a growing selection of new, NOS, and used Triumph spares and accessories, as well as our Bikes page to view a selection of the parts we sell on some of our recent restorations and rebuilds. Although Amity Twins is not a general repair shop, we do build motorcycles, and bikes from our collection are occasionally offered for private sale. If you have an old Triumph in need of restoration, or you are interested in acquiring an Amity Twins build, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

— Jason Labbe