The Grievous Angel – 1973 TR7RV Tiger 750 Cafe Racer

This build was about bringing the dead back to life—not a restoration, but a transformation. The donor bike was a bone stock, unrestored Tiger that had tangled with a Subaru. Nearly everything on the left side was bent, broken, scraped, or dented, and on top of that, the forks were twisted, the subframe bent, and the primary case smashed open. We had our work cut out for us.

A large section of the subframe had to be cut out, re-fabricated, and welded back in. After the frame was powder coated, even the most scrutinizing critic would be none the wiser. Next, the motor was carefully rebuilt from the sludge tube up with the best parts available, including Spitfire cams for increased power. Final assembly was completed with a selection of top shelf new production and NOS components, including custom billet triple trees, shouldered Akront rims laced with stainless spokes, a new Amal 930 carburetor that breathes through a K&N high flow filter, Norman Hyde seven plate clutch, super rare NOS Dunstall Decibel silencers, and NOS Tomasselli headlight ears and clip ons. The bike’s aggressive stance was achieved by shortening the forks 1.75” and mounting 330 mm Hagon shocks. In true café racer form, we hand wired a streamlined electrical system that includes only the bare essentials: a Boyer electronic ignition, dual coil, tympanium, new alternator, and new lights.

This motorcycle was built specifically for tearing up the New England backroads—diving into tight corners, sprinting scenic lanes, and dodging the random crossing deer. It’s torquey, nimble, and a blast to ride.


Photography by Alicia Millane